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Pure Natural Rice Bran Oil

$8.00 / Coming Soon

Rice Bran Oil is rich in vitamin E complex, tocopherols and tocotrienols. Rice Bran Oil is produced from the bran of the rice kernel. This oil is used for dry and flaky skin. It adds body and luster to hair.
Rice Bran Oil is a natural antioxidant. It deeply penetrates into skin's layers, nourishing it from within, making your skin soft and very velvety. It improves skin's elasticity, making it appear more youthful and plum. Rice Bran oil doesn't clog pores, it's easily absorbed into skin and hair, so it's not likely to increase oiliness. It hydrates skin & hair and helps retain moisture, thus, making your skin & hair softer and smoother. Naturally helps skin & hair from sun damage. Rice bran can be used for scalp massage to normalize oiliness of your scalp, to help fight dandruff, to strengthen and nourish hair. Rice Bran can help prevent split ends, strengthen and nourish the roots of your hair..regular use of this oil can make your hair thicker and easily manageable.
The benefits of this pure natural beauty oil are countless.