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About Us

All-natural solutions for all hair types.


Our goal is to provide a top-quality line of hair care products made from all natural ingredients. Only the most carefully-selected, naturally-sourced products can result in smooth, shiny and nourished hair. All of the best natural ingredients are in the products we make, and your hair will show its appreciation after just one use. Everything we sell is safe for natural, relaxed, and even color-treated hair. Chevelure by MiMi also provides tangle-free solutions for improving hair strength, softening coarse hair and promoting hair growth while, at the same time, reducing frizz.

Every item we offer is sulfate-free for gentle cleansing of your hair. Hair products that include sulfate can strip your hair its of essential natural oils. Sweet, natural and essential oils are used in our products, along with the great bases of Shea Butter, African Black Soap, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and Meney-- which MiMi has imported directly from her motherland of Guinea. Our focus on truly natural ingredients ensures moisture, maximum strength, and healthy hair.

Our Story

After many tests and trials, Emilie Doumbouya-Hill (better known to her loved ones as MiMi) has created the perfect natural solution for healthy, tangle-free, and easy-to-manage hair. Managing hair is not always an easy task, especially when you're the mother of two daughters who have heads full of hair!

Born and raised in Guinea Conakry, West Africa, MiMi gladly uses the rich natural oils and ingredients of her motherland to create a hair solution that can be used by all! Growing up, MiMi did not experience damaged and dry hair, due to the natural elements found in her locally-available products. She did, however, notice a drastic change in her hair once she moved to the States and started to use products made with various unnatural chemicals.

It was on a trip back to Guinea that MiMi decided to do what her mother always did. She decided to use the available natural resources to care for her hair. From that day forward, MiMi has continued to use her homemade products and for over two years friends and family have all used the products as well. They've all experienced nothing but the greatest results.

MiMi has finally brought her secret from the comfort of her home and is now proud to present her brand: Chevelure by MiMi. Chevelure (s̸həv lür′) is French and means "head full of hair"-- exactly what MiMi intends for you to receive from using her products.